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Dr. Pelton has written over 300 articles, encyclopedia articles and essays as well as over 50 books on space technology, space policy and regulation, urban planning, cyber security and the impact of technology on society.

Recent Books by Joseph N. Pelton

Ram Jakhu and Joseph Pelton, editors, Springer Press, 2017

Joseph Pelton, (2019) Springer Press

Joseph Pelton, (2016) Springer Press

Joseph N. Pelton and Angelia Bukley, Apogee Press, for ISU, 1st Edition 2010 and 2nd Edition 2018

Joseph N. Pelton, PM Press, 2015 (For Arthur C. Clarke Foundation)

Joseph N. Pelton, Ram Jakhu and Yaw O. Mankata, Springer Press, 2016

Joseph Pelton and Indu Singh, Springer Press, 2015

Joseph N. Pelton and Peter Marshall, (2013) AIAA (Updated in 2017 in electronic format)

Joseph Pelton with Peter Marshall, (2012) PM Systems

Joseph N. Pelton and Indu Singh, (2018) Springer Press

Ram Jakhu and Joseph N. Pelton, (2013) Springer Press

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